Amrita Awakening Bliss Cruise

November 8-15, 2019
Navigator of the Seas

Join us on this Caribbean Bliss Cruise and experience our flagship seminar at sea.

The Amrita Awakening Class will take place on Sunday, November 10, 2019 from 11:00 – 12:30 am in the ship theater deck 3 forward.  This is a free class so arrive early for the best seats.

What you are going to experience will blow your mind!

Yes, Orgasm can happen that fast! 
Yes, it is real!

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3…

Go from Blah to Awake and Aroused: Understand how to use your imagination and a simple breathing technique to change the way you want to feel at any time.

Connect heart to heart with your partner: using simple trance techniques we will bring back that feeling of being in love and feeling enthusiastic and passionate about your life together.

Re-Create it in a Snap: Use our special anchoring formula to recreate that feeling any time – any place.

Can I learn this in just one hour?  Some actually do get it that fast!  The art of fully embodying this may take others just a little bit longer. This is all about giving yourself the opportunity to discover and explore what really works for you, so there is no pressure and no hurry. Everyone will leave the session with access to the technique which will make your vacation experience & love life even hotter! From experience we know that most couples who experience this class will want to keep practicing until they get it ‘just right!’

What’s the secret?

The easiest way to explain is to think of this as a shortcut to tantric bliss. The Amrita Awakening instructors are Master Hypnotists.

We have developed a training technique that teaches couples to easily access a state of euphoric full body orgasmic pleasure… BAM!

In the process you learn to disconnect from stress, tension and distraction while you deeply and rapidly connect with each other.

No years of meditation, yoga or woo-woo ceremony required.

The demonstration we saw in the Amarita Awakening Class Blew Our Minds! We couldn’t  believe how simple it was once we had the steps and a few shortcuts from the instructor. Learning this was the best hour of our vacation!