Amrita Awakening Audio Series

A 5 Part Audio Series for Creating Your Sensuality on Tap

 Truly connect with the undiscovered parts of yourself – all from the comfort of your own home!

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Here’s what you can expect to learn by the end of
Your Amrita Awakening: 


Tap Into Pleasure

Instantly tap into a state of pleasure and connection as a part of your everyday life.

Feel Good.

Feel New Empowerment

Instil new empowering beliefs and ideas about yourself.

Imagine Affirmations 2.0 – then 10x it!

Relax Instantly

Instantly relax at a moment’s notice with your own personal relaxation trigger.

Relax both your mind and your body.

Release Resiudal Negativity

Release your mind and body from anxieties, emotional pain and any residual negatively.

Your First Experience Can Be At Home!

Are you curious how this works?

To ease you into Your Amrita Awakening, this audio series has been designed in the form of  a story where you’ll be experiencing a vacation in the eyes of a VIP guest at sensually tantalizing Amrita Resort. 

This process is all about you. 

In order to truly enjoy this process all you have to do is to listen to these audio chapters when you have carved out the some private time in your day to relax.

As you drift and listen to this story wonderful things can happen.

Your Amrita Awakening has been expertly crafted as a deep multi-layered journey into your mind.

This process will allow you to explore your internal world – where you’re free to do anything that you choose, and to be anyone you want to be.

You may uncover new layers of yourself that you were previously unaware of.

You will be able to connect deep within yourself on an entirely new level and extend this newfound sense of connection with your loved ones throughout your life.

For everyone it’s just a little different, and it’s different every time you listen too!

People love to tell us about the experiences they have as much as we love to hear about happened for you.

Here is a typical review from one of our clients about the 5 Part Audio Series:

I had an interesting experience with this course. So very happy with it, let me explain: 

Session #1 
I love where I went with this. It will be a lovely place to return to. This was like actually going to a resort. It was exactly where I would want to be. I thought it was very sensual near the end. Inner guide’s voice is mesmerising. I was completely relaxed. The cadence was perfect. No long pauses to start up the monkey mind going again.

Loved the feeling and energy I had afterwards.

Session #2 
That was incredibly relaxing and beautiful. I felt absolutely rested and calm within. And sensual. Very. It felt like I was there for a very long time. A place where I belong.

My beautiful place.

Session #4 
I actually experienced this one two times because during the first time, no memories came forth! Great feelings did but not memories and I really wanted to experience that. The next time, a few came through, the memories themselves were kind of faint in comparison to the wonderful and joyous feelings present. It was wonderful. I was completely somewhere else, my place.

I felt energised, sensual and relaxed after.

Session #5 
Wowza. That one was intense.

It was like a roller coaster, the really big, winding fast ones. The waves of erotic feelings and images that I was experiencing, ohhhh myyyy. Without any physical interaction!

That was incredible, wonderful and delicious. I just, wow. To experience that bliss without anything or anyone there. I would love to experience that with my husband.


Are you ready to Feel This?

Truly one-of-a-kind

The voice…
The music…
The feelings of relaxation and pleasure…

This series brings a feeling of peace and joy to life that is so welcome…

It is irresistible.

Katrine V – Netherlands



Not Only for Women

We really enjoyed the demonstration actually it Blew Our Minds!

And I was curious how this would work for a man.

I was impressed how much it helped me let go of pressures from my high pressure job.

It really was a mini vacation!

Bill P – New Jersey

Erotic and Hypnotic

I love this series. My favorite track is #2.  I can put in my earbuds and slip into that feeling of unwinding.

At the end of a long day a hot bath and this recording make me feel…

Oh Such Sensual Bliss.

Phoenix G – California