The Amrita Experience

Retreats in delicious locations. Immerse yourself in a multi-day experience. August 2018 – Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Experience deeper connection to your Partner and your Pleasure!

Imagine stretching out on a beach bed in the dappled shade under the palms.  Hearing the gentle crashing of the waves against the shore.  You surrender as the gentle rhythm brings your awareness to your own breath.

No cell phone, no work, no demands of any kind.  Just you & your partner, answering the call of your souls for a deeper connection with each other, for physical and spiritual rejuvenation and for time to celebrate you.

You’re both smiling because you know you’ve come for a reason much deeper than just another vacation at the beach. You have come to make real changes, inner changes in the way you feel about yourselves, your relationship, your mutual pleasure and delight.  Changes, not just for the next few days, but for the rest of your life.

You notice your energy shifting already, as you realize the impact this will have on all areas of your life.  You know how fabulous life is when you feel confident, beautiful and energized from the inside out.

Join us in Mexico – Tap into this Powerful Transformation!

August 2018 Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort 

Amrita Awakening Class

  • Experience our break-thru process
  • Amplify your Pleasure
  • Deepen you Connection

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3…

This is a 60 – 90 minute class & workshop. It will be offered several times during the week and you are welcome to attend as many times as you like. This class includes instruction, a mind bending demonstration, and hands on learning and practice. Go from Blah to Awake and Aroused: Understand how to use your imagination and a simple breathing technique to change the way you want to feel at any time. Connect heart to heart with your partner: using a simple trance techniques we will bring back that feeling of being in love and new. Re-Create it in a Snap: Use our special anchoring formula to recreate that feeling any time – any place. $0 Complementary for all Desire Guests

Amrita Experience VIP Group

For those who want to full embody their connection to their pleasure and their partner. Our VIP sessions will take place on the resort and will be available exclusively to the select couples who join this program. Small groups assure plenty of time for you to work with our instructors as a couple to make sure you get this just right.

Make your Vacation a Life Changing Experience

  • Priority Seating in all Amrita Awakening Classes
  • 5 Private Group VIP Sessions
  • 1:1 Discovery Call with our Experts
  • Amrita Awakening Audio Program
  • Membership to ‘Be-Erotic’ Hypnosis Video Course
  • Welcome Party – Meet & Greet

$1500 per couple *** This VIP Package does not include your Resort Accommodations. Please reserve your room for the Retreat here.

The demonstration we saw in the Amarita Awakening Class Blew Our Minds! We couldn’t  believe how simple it was once we had the steps and a few shortcuts from the instructor. Learning this was the best hour of our vacation!

What Couples Want to Know…

We want to reclaim our previous passion, will this help? Connecting deeply to your pleasure and your partner is what the Amrita Experience is all about. One of our key processes takes you back to THAT time in your life when you felt most excited and alive and carries it forward into this moment. Helping you cliam this now moment as your best experience ever.

How does the VIP Package Work? The beauty of our VIP group is it gives you a transformational experience within your vacation.

Our 5 VIP group sessions will take place late morning. After a leisurly breakfast we will spend a few hours mastering our techniques.

Since our processes lead you to feeling awake and aroused, by mid afternoon you will have learned new skills and be ready for an action packed evening!

For the best experience plan to be at the resort for a full week.

Plan to arrive on Sunday August 5, 2018. 

Our VIP sessions will take place Monday – Friday.

What if our Vacation isn’t a full week? For the best integration we recommend that guests experience our sessions in the order we present them on 5 consecutive days.

However we know life doesn’t always allow for that.

There is an private program excellerator and 1:1 package option available. Please speak to us individually for pricing and availability.

We are in for Sexy Young Wild – how does this fit in?

Being connected to your pleasure IS sexy. When we say connected to your pleasure we are talking about full body orgasm. Imagine that feeling of Bliss over and over when every you want to access it. Awesome!