What is the Amrita Experience?

In short, we help people to take a deep dive into their internal world, so that they can change their external world that’s in sync with their desires.

And this is all through the power of Hypnosis.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about hypnosis, we’re happy to tell you that it’s a far cry from the stereotypical stage show of making people cluck like chickens.

Instead, a more accurate relative of Hypnosis would be Mindfulness & Meditation. If you’ve watched the movie “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, he actually uses some pretty advanced hypnosis techniques in there — where when you dream, we can simultaneously create and perceive our inner world.

Imagine if you could train your mind to create and perceive your dream life – whilst being fully conscious.

Well guess what? You can.

Because that is the essence of the Amrita Experience. We’ll guide you to help you get into a state of meditative trance where you will have full focus and control over.

The 3 Keys for the Amrita Experience

  1. Creating New Beliefs: At this stage, we’ll provide the tools and guide you to let go of all the unwanted beliefs, anxieties and behaviours – so that you can fully explore who you truly are.
  2. Mindful Presence: Next we’ll show you how to experience true pleasure and happiness in both the minutiae of life as well as the big moments.

In fact… the best way to describe being fully present would be to refer to the most powerful state of presence there is– orgasm.

Think about it, during that moment you’re not thinking about anything else – no responsibilities, negativity or chatter. Just pure bliss, because an orgasm is a form of a highly focused trance state brought on by ecstatic pleasure.

Now, imagine being able to tap into that level of sensual pleasure at will! (Which, by the way? We’ll teach you how to achieve such bliss again and again whenever you want) 😉

And finally…

  • Conscious Trance

This is the shortcut to tapping into that much desired “flow” state where time knows no bounds – all to achieve that instant ease, and heightening pleasure across all areas of your life.

And voila!

That is our signature creation that is the Amrita Experience.

The good news is that all you need to do is follow the system that’s laid out for you, and allow us to be your faithful guides.

Speaking of which, you may probably be wondering who “we” are by now.

Amrita Experience Story: Lynn Olivari

So, let’s start off with yours truly– my name is Lynn Olivari, and the 3 stages of the Amrita Experience that you’ve read about is the reflective echo of my own life experiences.

I’ve always loved travelling and trying all the cuisines of the places I went, experiencing the spirituality in different places, the sun, the sea, and the countless people to meet. And yet, amongst all of this… the one thing that I’ve always craved connection. To myself, to others, and to the world around me for that deeper meaning that I know life has to offer.

In pursuit of that, I started out by working with inpatient psychiatric patients. I used movement, creative arts, guided imagery and outdoor adventure, ropes course facilitator as my tools.

In time, I was burned out by the “Healthcare” system and realised that I was still on my quest to find that sense of deeper meaning and connection. And I wound up selling travel experiences online.

Surprisingly enough, it went through the roof! Before I knew it, I was known as the founder of a successful all-inclusive resort specialty agency that was dedicated to helping the spiritual gurus of the world plan retreats that make their message resonate more clearly to those they served.

Even to this day, my cruise agency is the largest independent travel agency booking passengers exclusively on Swinger cruises.

And while the success of this business served so many people out there, I still had a longing and desire to truly serve the people even more deeper than all the fun and superficial side of things they would get on a Swinger cruise.

In other words, I wanted to help them capture those moments they experienced – and find a way to bring it back home with them to create a lasting change.

Amrita and Todd Stevens

Along the way, I met a man who led me into the limitless world of Hypnosis– his name was Todd, and he’s a world renown Hypnosis Training instructor.

By training with him extensively and making life changing connections with another mentor of mine, Mark Cunningham — I found myself becoming a found member of what’s called the Renegade Hypnotist Project – a hand selected group of highly skilled and tactical hypnotists.

This is where I created incredible connections, and where I found the now partners of the Amrita Experience.

So if you were wondering who the other half of “we” that I’ve been referring to, this is Jonam.

Jonam Ross joins Amrita

Jonam Ross works around the globe combining cutting edge behavioural science and hypnosis with studies into unlocking the mysteries of your sensual mind, and infusing relationships with the novelty and excitement of erotic power play.

He has worked in partnership with industry leaders such as Desire Resorts and Azamara Club Cruises, delivering workshops and 1:1 sessions enabling hundreds of sexual adventurers to become more confidently connected with the most centred, sensually empowered versions of themselves.

This unique background of specialism enables him to guide clients through and beyond all the obstacles that can make sex and relationships an emotionally and physically painful part of life, and transform it into the rich celebration of connection and pleasure that it can be.

The Amrita Experience Begins

And that’s how we’ve joined forces to create your Amrita Experience.

Our ultimate goal is to help you make lasting positive changes in your life by working with the subconscious part of their mind. Not only will you be able to learn how to release inhibitions, reprogram your mind to create empowering habits, and transforming the way they feel about yourself – you can also extend this newfound sense of living with your loved ones.

We have 4 ways to share the Amrita Experience.

First, we have a complete audio series for you to fully explore the essence of Amrita from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you would like to dip your toes into learning what this all about, why not take it for a test drive?

[Find out about the Amrita Awakening Audio Series]

And of course, if you’re ready for the complete mind-body-soul experience that Amrita has to offer, check out our live events that we run across the world here [Find out about Amrita Live Events]


Lynn, Todd and Jonam- VIP Instructors on the Desire Cruise from Venice Italy