Would you like to…

Relax Instantly

Instantly relax at a moment’s notice with your own personal relaxation trigger.

Relax both your mind and your body.

Release Resiudal Negativity

Release your mind and body from anxieties, emotional pain and any residual negatively.

Tap Into Pleasure

Instantly tap into a state of pleasure and connection as a part of your everyday life.

Feel Good.

Feel New Empowerment

Let go of stress and tension, clear out old inhibitions and instil new empowering beliefs and ideas about yourself (thinking Affirmations 2.0 – then 10x it).

What is the Amrita Experience

We have created a groundbreaking approach to unlocking the subconscious mind.

Our approach is based on hypnotic techniques, neurolinguistics and meditative processes.

People find it fun, easy and really unique.

The Amrita Experience will have a lasting impact on the pleasure you feel.

The key concepts that make this work are:

Creating New Beliefs

Showing you how to let go of all the things you think you “should” be, and create your own reality.

Mindful Presence

Helping you find the magic in the minutiae of life – so you can raise your standards, without raising the expectations of yourself and to others.

Conscious Trance

Teaching you how tap into the “flow” state for instant ease, and heightening pleasure across all areas of your life.

We have the golden thread…

That will weave a beautiful design…

Through the tapestry of Your Entire Life!

…Can I try?

Oh yes you can.

Get started now with our 5 Part Audio Series for Creating Your Own Sensuality on Tap.

Truly connect with the undiscovered parts of yourself, all from the comfort of your own home.

This is the opportunity to delve deep into the layers of your mind to awaken newfound senses of happiness, relaxation and pleasure.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it…

Would you like to fully immerse yourself in the experience?

We run Amrita Experience retreats around the world for those who are ready to take their heightened sense of relaxation and pleasure to its climax.

Amrita Awakening Europe 2020

Amrita Awakening Europe 2020

May 19 - 26, 220Desire Cruise Join us on this Mediterranean Cruise and experience our flagship seminar at sea. The Amrita Awakening Class will take place as part of the Desire Workshop Series onboard the ship. Time & location TBA.This will be a free class - so...

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Amrita Awakening Bliss Cruise

Amrita Awakening Bliss Cruise

November 8-15, 2019Navigator of the Seas Join us on this Caribbean Bliss Cruise and experience our flagship seminar at sea. The Amrita Awakening Class will take place on Sunday, November 10, 2019 from 11:00 - 12:30 am in the ship theater deck 3 forward.  This is a...

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Amrita Experience Mexico

Amrita Experience Mexico

The Amrita Experience Retreats in delicious locations. Immerse yourself in a multi-day experience. August 2018 - Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort Experience deeper connection to your Partner and your Pleasure! Imagine stretching out on a beach bed in the dappled shade...

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Got some more unanswered questions before having a taste?

Live Event – Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect?

In the Amrita Awaken class you will have an opportunity to ask questions, find out more about the process of opening up and see a mind bending demonstration of what is possible.

Our introductory class will also be attended by other couples that may share your interests. 

You will meet new friends, have fascinating conversations and share things you never thought you would tell anyone with a level of comfort you never thought was possible.

What is Make-Belief? 

As children we had the gift of creating any world we could imagine. As we grew our beliefs closed off some of that magick.

Thru trance the power to make new beliefs can happen as easy as 1-2-3. Beliefs create how you feel about yourself and your world.

In the Amrita Experience we help you shape your beliefs so they align with the awesome experience you most desire.

What are our options?

  • Amrita Awakening Home Audio Course
  • Amrita Awakening Classes
  • Amrita Experience Retreats
  • 1:1 Private Coaching for Individuals or Couples.

Is this for us? We already have a great relationship & sex life.

This is for anyone who would like to learn to create more intimate connections with their partners.

Having a great relationship and sex life is the place that our most successful client start. 

Imagine the delight of thinking it was already as good as it got but then discovering a whole new realm of pleasure to explore!

Will there be nudity? Will I be uncomfortable?

The Amrita Awakening Classes and Amrita Experience Retreats take place fully clothed.

There will be ‘home work’ that encourage you and your partner to fully explore in the privacy of your own bedroom – and we promise there are some very erotic segments for you to enjoy together.

Our instructors are experts in teaching you to enhance your current relationship. We do this in a fun and safe environment.

Unleash your Passion with Mindful Magical

Transform your life with the Art of Make-Belief

Open to Full Body Orgasms

Master all of this thru the Power of Trance